About Us

About Us

Welcome to the site! Our names are Dave and Cade and we’re a couple of Great Lakes Gamers! The Great Lakes Gamer site is a space where we get to talk about games we’ve played and our experiences with board games.

Dave started gaming in the fall of 2013 when he decided to pull the trigger on a game called Forbidden Island while walking through Barnes and Noble. He immediately fell in love with it and wanted to know more about this wild world of board games. He’s been an addict ever since. Dave is a native Michigander but is currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico for work.

Cade started gaming in the winter of 2014 with some “gateway games” like Settlers of Catan and Dominion.  Although he enjoyed those games, his love for the hobby took off after playing some heavier stuff that you can’t just find on the shelves at Target.  Since then, Cade tries to play and talk about games whenever an opportunity arises – even convincing a grad prof to place an order on coolstuffinc after class.  Cade currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is proud to be a Great Lakes Gamer.

In the fall of 2014, Cade was having a get together with some friends and invited his coworker (Dave’s wife) and her husband to come over and hang out with some friends. It just so happened that Dave, being “that guy,” happened to always have a bag of games ready in the car. They started gaming that fall and have been friends ever since.

That’s the cheesy version of how this came to be. There have been many long walks on the beach and long loving stares along the way, but ultimately, we’re just a couple friends that really like gaming, and wanted to get more involved in this awesome hobby. We figured the best way to start would be to run a website where we get to talk about just that. Board games. We’ll be doing some blogging, some reviews and maybe even some other exciting things in the future.

Thanks for dropping by the site and checking it out. We’d love to have you subscribe (in the right sidebar) and give us feedback at greatlakesgamer@gmail.com.

Game on!